A Simple Fact…

More often than not, you just have to let go and trust that it’s all going to be alright. This is the simple fact of Improvised Music. It’s no more complicated than this. The trick is achieving the level of self-awareness/trust that will allow this to happen. The keys to this are a combination of technical proficiency and self-confidence. This is why I teach only music fundamentals. Elementary training for musicians (to appropriate the tittle of the book I mostly teach from). That’s all there really is. We arrive at the reading of complex literature by first mastering the alphabet. Likewise, we master the art of Improvisation by mastering the fundamentals of music.

It’s really that simple.



One thought on “A Simple Fact…

  1. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. I see where you are touching on the areas I had mentioned. I will chime in with a comment when and if I feel I can offer something. If you do not hear from me it is only because I am practicing Enlightened Listening. All the best.


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