Free Jazz? No. Music freed!

People talk about “Free Jazz“. I prefer to think of it as “Music freed”. What we improvisors are doing with this approach is liberating the music from the restraints imposed on it by the conventions of Jazz. You see, Jazz is a wrapper – a system of parameters that contain something. It’s that something that we are liberating when we improvise. “Jazz” is a term we use to describe a style of music made by African-American musicians from the beginning of the twentieth century until about the beginning of the 1970s which was characterized by very strict adherence to harmonic and rhythmic conventions of the popular music of the time. That was/is the wrapper. This was/is what became the vehicle for delivering the something, the substance or message during a period in history when the message was marginalized by the establishment because it was feared. In the modern world, the message doesn’t need to be masked in the cloak of a Pop song – the world is ready to receive the truth.

So now we play the Music rather than play around the Music. You dig?



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