Improvised music as a political statement…

Politics doesn’t always have to do with what you think your government is doing to you. Sometimes, the only politics that really matter are The Politics of Self-Realization. Dr. Leary writes in his collection of essays about accepting responsibility for our actions. Full responsibility. Self-determining people don’t blame their parents, their race, or their society; they accept responsibility for their actions, which in turn determines the responses they get from the world. This parallels the task of the improvising musician; in order to convincingly and effectively improvise, one must accept full responsibility for what they choose to play and only in this way will they reach their audience. It’s not about what you play. It’s about how you play it. Play it with conviction and it will be duly noted.

It is that simple.


What are you saying?

At the root of the motivation of the improviser, must be an acute awareness of self and an inescapable impetus to share that awareness. This is what it’s all about.

When i was sixteen years old,  Jimmy Woode gave me this book. It changed my life. It revealed to me that self and awareness of self must precede any success a person may aspire to. Who are you and how do you substantiate who you are? This may be the most important political statement any person can make.

I am. I think. I will.

-Ayn Rand, Anthem

i am. I think. I will.


2 thoughts on “Improvised music as a political statement…

  1. Jair-Rohm…I hear you…let’s not forget every living individual on this planet is a wonder, a miracle…at the same time we all need each other…embrace yourself and embrace the others…regardless of gender,race,ethnic origin,sexual orientation,religious belief,etc…we all have unknown and I believe equal potential…are you cynical?…do you need of proof this?….turn to music!…experience Donna Summer “Dinner With Gershwin”…Alice Coltrane “Universal Conciousness”…Nico “Marble Index”…Annie Lennox “Diva”…John Cage,Pauline Oliveros,Anoushka Shankar,Iannis Xenakis,Foday Musa Suso…the list is endless…think of Django Reinhardt and regard all the romans in Europe with dignity…refuse the injustice and false view of media when it comes to Africa and the Islamic Culture…don’t equal the Russians with Putin whatever you think about him!…call me a “naive hippie”…and I will counter you with a musical example and prove you wrong!…I will counter you with a clothing example and prove you wrong!…I will counter you with a food example and prove you wrong!…I will counter you all the way with examples from all over the world and embrace the three principles of the French revolution!… I know…I’m a spoiled white middle-class male…but I’m convinced we can have a decent world…for every living individual…if not?…why?…


    • Amen, Magnus! Of course, i always know that with you i’m always “preaching to the choir” 😉 Good to see you commenting here. Thanks for checking in. Always good to hear from you, brother.


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