“June Blue”

As promised in response to the comment by jazztraveler, here’s a recording of my tune “June Blue” from the cruise ship last month. This piece is characterized by a long, near-ambient improvisation followed by a brief improvisation on the chord changes of the theme, an open one chord improv section and ending with the “A” section of the actual theme. The order of these sections changed every night. Sometimes the theme would be sandwiched between two long improvisations. Sometimes the theme would only be stated once at the end of a long improvisation and so on. The combinations of theme/improvisation are endless.


3 thoughts on ““June Blue”

  1. Wow, what a lovely piece of music. You’re very talented when it comes to improvisation. Lovely composition, good work. Perhaps you could check out my new blog?


  2. Thanks a lot for posting – very nice. Recording is obviously difficult in such an environment..

    Was the cruise for you a satisfactory experience from an artist point of view? I guess it is fairly different to play in front of cruise ship passengers than in a Jazz club.


    • Well, a lot of the passengers that visit the “Jazz lounge” on the ship are Jazz fans. That’s why they choose the lounge over the pub, disco or dance club. Even if there’s only one active listener in the room at any given time, it’s always a pleasure to perform for that person. Likewise, even if the room was empty, being paid to improvise and play my own music? I’ll never have a problem with that 😉


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