What’s It All About…


I’m a bass player. An improvising musician. The beauty of doing what I do for a living is that one gets a lot of space to think and listen. In fact, improvised music – for me anyway – has been more about listening and responding rather than just filling the air with a lot of sound. The result is that the improvisor spends most of their time in a state of deep meditation. As you can imagine, this aspect of the discipline has far reaching benefits.

I meet people every day who ask me what it’s like to be an “improvising musician”. There appears to be a vast misunderstanding of what we improvisors actually do. This is the fact that motivated this blog. I don’t expect to fully clarify the genre in one fell swoop with this blog. I do hope to shed some light on what I do as an improvisor and dispel some misconceptions.

So, let’s go.

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